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SEEDS JEWELRY... Seeds, vegetable pearls, decorative seed beads

The largest selection of vegetable pearls! And natural pearls for jewellery in seeds.

Lovers of natural jewelry that would make their own necklaces, bracelets or earrings with pearls plant or make original seeds tables. You can see! You will find a few models of our creations but also those of our regulars to give you some ideas! 

Craftspeople using vegetable pearls, beads natural seeds, raw seeds, we accompany you in your business with our high quality products, with finishes tailored as much as possible.

Issue of a passion for Botany, handicrafts and travel: We offer mainly beads natural and sustainable.

Prices are inclusive of VAT and you can buy the unit only what you need!

You can see comments from our customers on our previous store on eBay

Preparation of commands

According to your order (number and complexity of the holes to make) we put 1 to 4 days to prepare and ship your package.

If you're in a hurry, feel indicate us on the order so that we can organize ourselves to ship more quickly.

Delivery - Drop in shipping costs!

Following many economic packages not followed lost during our first year of operation, we decided to secure all our deliveries with a tracking number that you will be now informed by mail automatically after postage.

Once your package has been deposited, the post guarantees delivery of 48 h in metropolitan France.

Delivery charges are added automatically depending on the destination: We apply the actual transportation costs charged by LA POSTE in Colissimo (see rates)






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Drilling of seeds - see the "Holes" menu

Some of our seeds are already drilled, others are not. We perçons them without additional costs: purchase, simply choose among the different types of available for each reference holes. The different type of drilling can be viewed in the "Holes" menu.

The small seeds are drilled in o 1 mm and the large up to 2 mm.

If you want a particular drilling o, do not hesitate to specify by validating your order

Availability and seed source

Seeds come from personal collections, friends and producers in respect of the periods of fruiting of trees. They come from all regions of the world: seeds of the Caribbean, Africa seeds, seeds of the Brazil, Latin and Central America, Asia, Indonesia, Oceans Indian and Pacific seeds everywhere! That is why you will find a wide choice, but that is also why certain references are available in quantities limited and replenished only once per year.

Each variety to a fruiting period in the year: neither you nor we can press the nature!

Some artisans clients requests, none of our seeds are harvested in protected areas and ensure the sustainable management of resources.

If you want to be informed in priority to the availability of a reference backordered, please specify your email in the sheets of the products out to be notified automatically from replenishment.


You have several possibility to pay your order:

-By cheque
-By bank transfer
-By credit card
We use the secure system of payment online by credit card from the Banque Populaire

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